Why you need a Champagne saber

If you are looking to add some luxury to your life, consider the simple champagne saber. Champagne is a luxurious beverage that most people only drink on special occasions. So to make the special occasions even more posh, open the bottle with an even more opulent item – the champagne saber.

The fear of missing out leads people to take on unique experiences, and opening a bottle of champagne with a saber is an experience worth doing. Rather than opening the bottle in the boring way – by unwrapping the top and removing the cork, you can open the bottle lavishly by slicing it in a shiny flash of silver.

Why do you need a champagne saber?

Because we all need extravagance and memorable moments.

Champagne makes parties and celebrations elegant and stylish. The moment of opening the bottle with the swish of a saber, then pouring the bubbly and toasting each other becomes even more celebratory. Popping the cork with a sword is the ultimate in celebrations. Nothing comes close.

If you add a saber to your champagne celebrations, you might actually find yourself enjoying champagne more often. And, don’t we all need more reasons to celebrate and enjoy life? Of course.

You could saber open a bottle of champagne to celebrate a lunch date, a half birthday, or a new streaming show. With a champagne saber in your life, you’ll start to create reasons to use it.

If you use the saber too often will it stop being special?

Absolutely not.

Each time you break out the saber, your skill at slicing bottles improves. Each time you devise a reason to use your champagne saber, you can change up the experience. Try shaking the bottle before opening it? Or timing the saber to a fireworks show? Saber outside with friends, or show your friends how to use the saber and let them give it a try. Create reasons to use the saber and make life glorious!

Rather than drinking mundane beverages or opening champagne bottles the traditional way, get yourself a saber. Practicality gets boring, and the act of sabrage takes away all practicality, even if only for a few moments. Sabrage even makes champagne taste better, but only because you opened the bottle with such a glorious boost of endorphins. The saber doesn’t really change the way the bubbly tastes, but the event makes you enjoy it more.

Where can you find a high-quality champagne saber?

California Champagne Sabers offers beautiful and customizable sabers with comfortable handles made of natural wood. We can laser engrave them, giving each one an elegant, bespoke style. They are the right length for those learning sabrage, and the steel is durable and easy to clean. We package them in attractive wooden boxes so you can keep close for those stylish celebrations.