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What is a Champagne saber?

A customized champagne saber is a celebratory tool used to slice open a bottle of champagne. Champagne Sabers typically have a dull but shiny blade that is about 12-inches long. Many have a ceremonial, intricate design as they make opening a bottle of bubbly a momentous, memorable event.

Why do you saber Champagne?

People saber champagne because it adds drama to a moment that involves champagne. The idea originated with Napoleon who used his sword to open champagne to celebrate his victories. Now, people use personalized champagne sabers to celebrate important moments, and they give the customized champagne sabers as gifts to commemorate major life milestones (weddings, birthdays, engagements, etc.)

How do you saber a Champagne bottle?

Before opening a champagne bottle with a saber, thoroughly chill the bottle. Then, hold the bottle with the opening away from you. Find the seam on the back of the bottle and follow it towards the lip of the bottle. Holding the customized champagne saber at a 45-degree angle with the dull side toward the bottle, swipe toward the opening with substantial pressure and force. The goal is to remove the full lip of the bottle, including the cork.

How much is a Champagne saber?

The best champagne sabers usually cost between $100-$200 and are made by European artisans who have honed their craft over centuries. The blades and handles are often made by hand, and some companies even offer champagne saber customization with personalized engraving on the blade or handle.

How do you choose a Champagne saber?

The best way to choose a champagne saber is to find one that looks good and feels comfortable in your hand. It is also a good idea to buy a customized champagne saber so you have a record of the important life moment. Your personalized champagne saber should be handmade by specialized artisans, rather than made in a mass-production factory.

Is it hard to saber Champagne?

Sabering champagne can take a little practice. Before you perform in front of an audience, it is best to practice on your own a few times. Always point the champagne bottle and the saber away from people, pets, and valuables, as the bottle is under extreme pressure. Never swipe the saber toward yourself.

Is a Champagne saber sharp?

Champagne sabers always have dull blades. The sharpness of the blade does not affect the way the blade opens the bottle. In most situations, it’s the high-pressure in the champagne bottle that forces the bouchon off.

Is it safe to saber Champagne?

Opening a bottle of champagne is 100% safe but always remember that the contents are under extreme pressure. If you’ve never opened a bottle of champagne with a saber, it is wise to practice outside with no one nearby. Wear goggles, chill the champagne, use the bottle seam to your advantage, and swipe the champagne saber away from you. If it doesn’t open, try again with a bit more speed and pressure and double check that your bottle is chilled and you are aligned with the seam.

Is a Champagne saber a good gift?

If you have a celebratory life moment that involves champagne, a personalized champagne saber makes an excellent gift. It makes sabering the champagne more momentous, and it gives the gift recipient a special item to commemorate the moment forever.

Can you saber a Champagne bottle with a butter knife?

You can saber a bottle of champagne with any knife, even a butter knife. However, using a common knife takes away from the moment. When you use a personalized champagne saber, you have a special tool designed for a special moment.


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