Wholesale Champagne sabers - ROI for your brand

Wholesale Champagne Sabers are an ideal promotional product or corporate gift for brands. Completely logo customizable we have the capabilities to custom laser engrave a client’s logo on both the champagne saber blade and the Oakwood Box.

Champagne Sabers are a huge POS ROI due to their high price point – $159.95 nonengraved and up to $229.95 with a double-sided laser engraving. When purchased in large wholesale quantities, pricing can be very competitive and leave large margins for retail sales.

We work directly with our wholesale partners and offer dropshipping and individual custom laser engraving capabilities. Meaning, we can hold your champagne saber stock at our warehouse and custom laser engrave them with individual names (for example) as well as drop ship, all on your behalf. This facilitates our partners ability to offer a high end, customizable product without the hassle of having to stock, ship, or laser engrave themselves.

 As a corporate gift, champagne sabers cannot be beat. They are unique, the gift-receiver is certain not to have one, they are custom laser engravable with a message or name, and they are a statement piece that calls for celebration and champagne bottle opening. On top of this Champagne Saber are heirloom items – something that is kept for life.

Contact us today, request wholesale pricing, or request mock ups of your logo on our California Champagne Sabers.


Arthur @ California Champagne Saber Company