What makes a custom Champagne saber such a nice gift to receive?

If there’s one thing we constantly hear from California Champagne Saber Co customers it is how profoundly happy recipients are to receive a custom laser engraved champagne saber. As a matter of fact, we estimate 80% of our champagne sabers are gifts, rather than for personal use. If anything, we have repeat customers who purchase a saber for themselves after hearing how much fun their friend or family member is having with the gift.

But what makes a personalized champagne saber such an incredible gift? Let’s break it down.

It’s personalized:

In Today’s World of Quick Gifts it’s hard to find a degree of personalization in the gift giving process. The best part of receiving a gift, often, isn’t the gift itself, but the thought process that went into the gift. A champagne saber given as a gift is a statement piece. Champagne Sabers are such a unique item that they speak volumes on the recipient. A champagne saber gift says – You’re fun, you’re sophisticated, you love champagne, a good time, celebrations, and cheer. To top it off, the ability to custom laser engrave the champagne saber with a gift note further heightens the personalized aspect of the gift giving process. It says, I really thought about you when selecting this gift.

It lasts a lifetime:

Champagne Sabers are no one-time use item. The gift of a champagne saber lasts a lifetime. It’s more of a memento than a physical item. Something to be put on display on a bar or a bar cart, to be used in times of celebration, and to be reflected on always as a gift that transcends time.

It’s an investment:

There’s no getting past it, champagne sabers are not a casual gift. The craftsmanship that goes into a champagne saber, the production of the blade, handle, and box (all by hand) in addition to the work the laser engraver does to customize the blade with a laser etch, all adds to the cost. To go back to item #1 and #2 – champagne sabers are a lifetime gift, an investment piece that says as much about the giver as the recipient. When someone receives a sabre as a gift they understand the same, the giver has invested in this wonderful gift in the knowledge that like the saber, the friendship or the relationship is built to last a lifetime.

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Cheers for now!
California Champagne Saber Company