The best events for Champagne sabering


There’s nothing like popping a bottle of bubbly to celebrate someone’s wedding. First off, try naming a better duo than champagne and weddings. Everyone wants to drink at a wedding and what better way to do it than with a crisp, chilled, flavorful champagne. Plus, what other occasion has so many bottles available for sabrage? Weddings in a lot of ways are about extravagance and lasting memories. Champagne sabers afford this to all participants and witnesses. Instead of popping a bottle of bubbly the old fashioned way, try your hand at sabering at your next wedding, it will pay memory dividends.


What better way to celebrate another year of intimacy and love than to saber a bottle of elegant champagne and drink the night away with a pairing of Seafood (perhaps Oysters on the Half Shell and Sea Scallops could work?). Champagne Sabers also make an excellent Anniversary gift to a husband or wife. It’s the best type of gift, one that can be used by both the recipient and the giver for years to come.

New Years:

The ceremonial champagne pop at midnight just got that much better, because you sabered. Champagne sabers are the ultimate NYE party favor – forget the confetti and plastic top hats. Watch as everybody crowds around the sabrage master on NYE as he/she delights the crowd with a ceremonial sabering dating back to the New Year’s celebrations of Napolean!


Besides making an incredible Birthday Gift, champagne sabers (once given as a birthday gift) can take over a party. Once someone receives a champagne saber their natural inclination is to start sabering every bottle in sight. This, often, can pay dividends to those in attendance as they sip on the sabered bottled for the rest of the night.

So there you have it. Four of the top moments to saber a bottle of champagne. Of course, every moment that calls for champagne can call for sabrage. The magic of the moment never fades. Friday after work? Sabrage. Kids got into College? Sabrage. BBQing some Oysters? Sabrage!

Champagne Sabers make a wonderful gift. Something that truly lasts a lifetime and affords limitless fun at every special event. Browse our collection of California Champagne Sabers and ask us any questions you have about custom laser engraved champagne sabers for an event, as a gift, or for your own sabering!

Cheers for now,
Arthur @ California Champagne Saber Company