Giving a celebratory corporate gift from California Champagne sabers

Opening a new business calls for a spectacular celebration. It also calls for rewarding hard work with celebratory gifts. Rather than giving out coffee mugs, pens, or a fruit basket, consider a unique gift that is all about commemorating the moment: a personalized champagne saber.

What are Champagne sabers?

Champagne sabers date back to Napoleonic times when the soldiers celebrated their victories by slicing open a bottle of champagne with their swords. Today’s champagne sabers haven’t seen time in battle, but they still bring the same sense of celebrating victory. And what’s more victorious than starting a new business or launching an IPO?

Customized sabers

When you give the gift of champagne sabers, consider the thoughtfulness of engraving them. At California Champagne Sabers, we can engrave your business logo and the names of the people involved in the IPO launch. We can also add special messages like the date of the launch or the mantra of the company. We can also customize each saber for each colleague, with the logo on one side and individual names on the other.

Our sabers are hand-forged from a single piece of steel and then attached to a wooden handle that represents a Northern California wine region. We package them in a laser-engraved sustainable oak crate that also serves as a display stand. Opening the crate and seeing the hand-polished saber is a celebration all its own.

What to gift with a saber

Along with the champagne saber, include an exquisite bottle of champagne along with engraved champagne flutes and goggles for eye protection. Of course, after giving the champagne sabers, offer a sabrage lesson so everyone can try out their new gift. Hire a photographer to capture the excitement and explosive champagne bottles. Then, give your colleagues framed photographs after the event to continue the celebration.

Bring out the sabers

Before drinking your sabraged champagne, share a toast that commemorates the moment. To make the moment even more celebratory, invite everyone to say something before imbibing. On the anniversary of the launch, invite your colleagues to bring their sabers to commemorate the grand opening and celebrate the company’s continued success.

If you have any questions about ordering customized champagne sabers, the customer service representatives at California Champagne Sabers can help you.