Custom engraved Champagne sabers for gamer clan

We recently had a fun little wholesale project at California Champagne Saber Co. – something unusual and outside the box for us.

We were approached by an “E-Sports” Gamer Team to produce custom champagne sabers with their Team Logo engraved on the box and saber along with a personalized “Gamer Tag” engraving (akin to a person’s name within multiplayer videogaming) on each saber.

For Wholesale orders we now stock Champagne Saber with no “California Champagne Saber Co” branding other than the trademark “California” state icon on the saber handle.

This creates the possibility of doing a fully custom saber run (engraved box top and saber blade) at a lower quantity than previously possible (used to be a 100 unit minimum).

Now we can produce completely custom sabers for Wholesale use at a new minimum of 10 units.

Now that’s good news!

Contact us with any custom saber project, whether it is wholesale or not.

Look forward to working with you!

Arthur @ California Champagne Saber Company