Create an extravagent wedding celebration with Champagne sabers

No one plans their wedding with the goal of boring their guests. But, have you gone out of your way to plan a wedding that excites them? Consider the reception. How many weddings have you been to where you can predict every event?

It’s time to make some changes, starting with the toast.

Rather than having the best man and maid of honor give a toast filled with inside jokes and mushy sentiments, why not make the toast one to remember?

Set new traditions with sabrage

With a champagne saber from California Champagne Saber Co, you take the pressure off of your wedding party, and put some fun, excitement, and unpredictability into the reception. Their bespoke sabers can be customized with your wedding date and names engraved on the blade. You can also offer one for the grooms and bridesmaids, because the only thing better than one epic sabrage, is two!

Champagne sabers have been used to create drama for centuries, and they are the perfect tool to use during a wedding celebration. It is the ultimate ritual that shows your guests that they are in for a legendary celebration.

Sabrage history

The first record of using a blade to open a bottle dates back to Napoleonic times. After a battle, the soldiers celebrated by using their swords to open the bottles. Rather than using a battle sword, the sabers from California Champagne Saber Co. do the work without the need for war. The modern sabers get the job done with just as much monumental grandiloquence, and you can keep them for your anniversary celebrations.

When to pop the bubbly

You can plan your sabrage at any point during the wedding or reception. If you are worried about champagne spilling, you could open the bottle as you walk outside together after the ceremony. You could also pop the bubbly right after the big pronouncements at the end of the ceremony. Otherwise, you can save the moment for reception.

Practice before the event

As many people have never sabraged a bottle before, your sabrageur might want to practice before the big moment. A failed opening could spoil the moment. Be sure someone is recording the moment for posterity.

There are several instructional videos available online, or you can follow these instructions:

  • Use a bottle of chilled Champagne, as other sparkling beverages usually do not have the correct pressure to open with a saber.

  • Hold the bottle at arm’s length with the cork pointing away from you, everyone else, and anything fragile.

  • When you hold the bottle, put your thumb in the dimple at the bottom (the punt) and extend your fingers toward the opening.

  • Position the blade at the collar, so it is parallel with the floor and angled at 45 degrees toward the bottle.

  • Practice by gently running the blade along the bottle’s seam so you can feel how to open it. Your goal is to hit the collar moving the blade from the base to the neck.

  • Finally, strike the bottle with the saber. You may need to add a wrist flick.

  • Once you’ve opened the bottle, check for loose glass that could get into the stemware.

View our Champagne sabers to find the elegant blade for your wedding. With our engraving service, we can customize your saber so you always remember your special day.