3 reasons why everyone should own a Champagne saber

1. Champagne sabers are fun and flamboyant

Champagne sabers are the definition of flamboyance and excess. There are easier ways to open a champagne bottle – for instance, using your own two hands. But is that fun? Not really. And from what bartenders and tasting room managers have told me, opening too many champagne bottles can actually hurt your wrists. So let’s stay safe and just open our champagne with a 9 inch blade that makes the cork fly roughly 20-30 feet (It’s a dull blade everybody!).

Champagne sabers, or sabres, if you prefer to code-shift into a francophone, are insanely fun. And also extremely addicting. A lot of the time the nexus for buying a champagne saber is for it’s uniqueness, the niche status it adds to a home bar, or as a gift. What’s overlooked until the saber is actually put into use is how fun sabrage actually is. True story: A lifelong whiskey drinker once emailed us to share he no longer drank whiskey, only champagne. The reason? Sabrage was so fun, and he couldn’t saber a whiskey bottle. His love for sabering champagne actually usurped his love of bourbon. If that isn’t a testament to how fun the act of sabrage is….

2. Champagne sabers bring a prty together like nothing else

Ever tried to propose a toast by clinking your desert spoon against the side of your champagne coup? Ever had no one actually pay attention to the clink? Guilty. Ever broken the glass in the process? Even more guilty. Proposing a toast is tough business, and if you don’t have a natural charisma and presence about you, a lot of the time just getting a party to pay attention can be daunting (proof of a great party though). The answer? Propose a toast with a champagne sabering. Guaranteed everyone will pay attention. There’s nothing that transfixes a bunch of vinos like a bottle of champagne getting decapitated. It must be the little bit of French revolution in all of us.

3. Champagne sabers have just the right amount of vogue sophistication

Have you ever tried wearing a monocle to look sophisticated? How about a pocket watch? Both equally antiquated and anti-cool. Some old-word traditions just don’t age well. Sabrage is different. It’s been in style and vogue since the days of Napoleon. Champagne sabers transcend age, class, gender, and all other marks of division. Champagne sabers, and the art of sabrage, are universally transfixing. The owner of a champagne saber automatically gains tastemaker status at any party, and to partage, or share the act of sabering with someone else, is almost always the start to a lifelong friendship. Just make sure you have enough bottles, and bodies, to drink all the champagne and keep the fête going all night long.

So there you have it. Our three reasons why everyone should own a champagne saber.

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